Akhuwat Foundation and TAKMIL’s Partnership for out-of-school children in Pakistan

Akhuwat Foundation and TAKMIL’s Partnership for out-of-school children in Pakistan

Akhuwat Foundation and TAKMIL Foundation has taken a huge step towards through a partnership focusing on education projects for out-of-school children in remote communities of Pakistan. This milestone marks a stepping stone for a vision to reach every out-of-school child in Pakistan with quality education shared by both organizations. 

The MOU was signed officially on 15th June, 2021, and the initial phase of this partnership focuses on pilot projects of non-formal community schools in District Jhang of Pakistan. This partnership sets an example for strengthening and complimenting through collaborative efforts in the non-profit sector to overcome their individual challenges to achieve their milestones. 

In 4 years, TAKMIL has successfully established more than 30 schools in 30 communities across remote areas of Pakistan. More than 2000 children have been reached out and approximately 1000 children are currently enrolled in TAKMIL schools. TAKMIL’s success lies in its model that addresses all the core causes and proposes ICT integrated, non-formal accelerated curriculum to help the children acquire education according to their availability as well as make them complete primary level education in 1.5 years time. Our partner organization, Akhuwat is the pioneer and has the same approach towards the alleviation of poverty. Akhuwat foundation makes up the core of Pakistan’s charitable business, and believes in empowering socially and economically marginalised families through interest free microfinance. The organization bags the achievement of having one of the highest loan return rates in the world. Since 2001, Akhuwat has been successful in making millions and millions of Pakistanis financially independent and established 800 branches over 400 cities of Pakistan.

Both organizations share the same vision, and decided to get together to promote and support Pakistan’s government initiative of making education accessible for every child in the country. According to the agreement, Akhuwat will provide technical assistance, link TAKMIL with its community coordinators and engage the facilitators to help establish 5 new non-formal schools in the targeted areas. TAKMIL, on the other hand, will be responsible for setting up schools, monitoring, evaluation and implementation of the non-formal education model. As per the set targets, these 5 schools will accommodate 150-250 children. The success of this pilot project will open a path for more schools in future. 

The collaboration is a stepping stone, and will pave the way for making education accessible for millions of OOSC in Pakistan. Both organizations are deeply invested in the project and looking forward to unlocking more achievements together. 

As coming together is just the beginning!

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