Education for out of school children and COVID-19

Education for out of school children and COVID-19

Evolving Together in COVID19 For Education

It’s 19:30 in the evening in Pakistan on a Saturday and we are waiting for our colleagues, or how we call them “family” from all over the world to get together for a much-needed Zoom conference call, away from all the anxieties and uncertainty we are facing in our everyday lives due to the Covid-19 crisis. As soon as the call connects and we start seeing each other from areas like Khuzdar, Balochistan, Mirpurkhas, Sindh and various other remote areas of Pakistan and across the globe in USA and Canada! That’s the power of connectivity, that’s the human connection right there, that we all seek. We are going through tough times, but thank God we still have Zoom and other modes of connectivity, otherwise, can anyone imagine the agony the world collectively would have faced if all of this wasn’t possible!

That brings us to our next point, why we were connecting and what makes it all possible, our passion for Education, and Education mind you not just for the rich but everyone especially the vulnerable, underprivileged, in straight forward terms the unseen and the forgotten ones. Although we have been working on imparting innovative education through e-learning programs since 2017 now, but the challenge we faced during these times was pretty unconventional but thanks to our facilitators and team, we made it possible. These students that we are talking about don’t have access to devices and tablets to learn easily through those means but our brave facilitators made it possible, by reaching out to our students, handing them over homework sheets, activities, and staying connected while social distance is maintained. They even try to educate their communities through TAKMIL’s platform to help them understand the threat better and to be more prepared.  Through connectivity, we were able to get on one page what have we executed so far in terms of student and facilitator engagement and how far we have come since the start of this process.

The challenge we face is not easy, no one really knows how long this would last or maybe that’s a clear sign to be prepared for the future of education that awaits us, at TAKMIL we can safely say we are always thinking ahead, we are always involved in trying to make the lives of our students and their families better through Education. Because education sure is the answer, education surely takes us forward, and to be honest who would have thought connecting like this was possible through technology, if we didn’t have the education to take us where we are today.

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