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Over 300 million children across the globe are deprived of their fundamental right to education! In the 21st century, Pakistan is facing one of the deadliest education crises with millions of children having no access to quality education. The pandemic and recent devastating floods have exacerbated the situation with millions more children without access to education. 

TAKMIL provides education to multi-age children in rural and remote communities without school, electricity, or internet. Supporting TAKMIL means a child in a remote area gets his/her first and most probably only chance at education! As we are approaching the end of 2022, let’s give the gift of education to children and make their dreams a reality!

Facebook Matching:

Giving Season is a 6 week period where Meta may match eligible donations to eligible nonprofits on Facebook. Meta will match up to $7 million of eligible donations.
If you sign up to be a monthly donor to an eligible nonprofit on Facebook during Giving Season, then Meta may match a donation after the second donation made on that recurring agreement.

Start Your Fundraiser on Facebook:

Become the voice for millions of children deprived of education and gather support by starting your personal fundraiser for TAKMIL. Click the button below to start a Facebook fundraiser for TAKMIL!