An 8-year-old Hashim who was the wanderer in the streets of Kuzdar Baluchistan. His father works on daily wages who has to support seven members in his family and are living in a small mud house. Hashim would spend his days usually roaming in streets aimlessly, and simply he didn’t know what school was as he never went to school like his elder brother and other family members. There is no school in their locality. He was innocently spending his life in the dark period of ignorance and illiteracy.

His life took a turn when he joined TAKMIL in October 2017 and started his education like other regular school going kids. He became a punctual and vigilant student of the class, soon he learned how to write and read Urdu, and is learning English and picking many words to build his vocabulary.  He also aped many positive changes, i.e. discipline, cleanliness, and the quest for knowledge through TAKMIL School.

Today he dreams of becoming a doctor, becoming an individual with purpose, becoming a human who could help humanity one day. One of many stories, who are part of Takmil in different underprivileged areas of Pakistan. Dreams which Takmil is trying to make real!

Story by: Farheen Kiran
Content Editor: Zainab Khan

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