Hybrid Teaching Concept- An efficient approach to teach out-of-school kids

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Teaching methodologies have been revolutionized over the period of time and therefore, teaching strategies with better outputs are now implemented in educational institutes. All over the world, teaching techniques are experimented on students to analyze the strategy most suited to encourage learning and critical thinking in kids. Primary level education is very significant in forming the basis of a kid for future education. Younger minds are easily influenced and can be triggered effectively to promote healthy and efficient thought processing.

Here at TAKMIL, we have also formulated a curriculum that utilize advanced teaching methodology. A Hybrid method consists of book based syllabus and side by side encourage the utilization of ICT (Information Communication Technology) resources. These resources include curriculum training through tablets and laptops. These out-of-school kids need a captivating education strategy to efficiently grasp the basic concepts. Worldwide, learning and teaching systems have adopted ICT and achieved better outcomes at primary education level. Here at TAKMIL, we encourage vocabulary learning of English by repetition of sounds and participation of kids in these activities.

Although, these strategies are not even implemented in government based institutes, we have introduced this approach for our objective to get exemplary results. We provide, teachers in our local TAKMIL education units with laptop, tablets, solar electricity system along with training to utilize these resources efficiently. Additionally, the system is also cost effective making it a smart approach to achieve our desired results in TAKMIL schools. As our curriculum is a compact syllabus of one to five grade designed to be taught effectively in one year duration, ICT tools have significantly aided us in our process.



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