Multiply Your Impact: Donate to TAKMIL for Meaningful Transformations, Bringing Out-of-School Children into Education!

Every matching donation, regardless of its size, can prove to become a light of education for several hundreds of deprived children in far-flung areas of Pakistan. You can expand your impact by engaging your organization in TAKMIL’s mission through workplace giving campaigns, harnessing matching funds, awareness initiatives, and more.

Discover the following ways to maximize your influence and make a lasting difference!

Donate through Employee Giving & Matching Option

  • Enter your company’s name in the calculator below to unveil existing programs and explore the real impact your contribution can make to educate these children.
  • Make a donation by visiting your workplace giving portal and searching for TAKMIL. In case it’s not listed, reach out to us, and we’ll guide you on getting TAKMIL set up.
  • If you’ve already contributed, consider amplifying your commitment with regular payroll deductions, and check if your company offers a matching program. Simplify this process by logging into your giving portal, locating TAKMIL, and submitting your donation receipt for a potential match.

Share TAKMIL’s Vision Across Your Workplace!

  • Utilize our advocate toolkit to seamlessly integrate TAKMIL into your company’s annual giving event or campaign and spread the message of educating the underprivileged children.
  • Follow TAKMIL on LinkedIn and Facebook, sharing our published posts within your professional network to enhance our visibility and mission.
  • For a more direct impact, consider becoming a corporate advocate or exploring board opportunities with TAKMIL in North America. Email us at to initiate meaningful corporate engagement.

Link TAKMIL with Your Philanthropic Initiatives!

  • Strengthen our impact by connecting TAKMIL with your corporate philanthropy or social responsibility team, driving meaningful employee engagement.
  • Extend our reach by linking us with your diversity or employee resource group for event participation and spreading awareness.
  • Introduce us to your foundation representative, initiating a dialogue on potential corporate funding.
  • Support us in securing corporate sponsorships for our galas, contributing to our mission of transformative education.

Many companies annually pledge to match employee contributions through their corporate giving initiatives. Elevate the influence of your donation to TAKMIL by exploring whether your company participates in a matching program. Your support could have double, or even triple, the effect, making a more significant contribution to our transformative educational efforts for 22.8 million out of school children in Pakistan.

Check now in the portal given below to see if your company is ready to amplify the positive change you can make through a matched donation.

Note: For personalized assistance, feel free to reach out to us via email at, and we’ll guide you through the process.

Together, let’s make a lasting impact on education!