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TAKMIL Tech. offers digital solutions to schools in private and public sector. This project is launched to expand the technological solutions of education for children in established school system. The project offers unique services which include:

  • An Interactive Learning Management System (LMS)
  • Monitoring and Evaluations Dashboard
  • Digital Assessments (Customized for curriculum requirements)
  • Technical & Pedagogical Support to Faculty in system implementation.

TAKMIL Tech. has successively served around 1000 students in community schools in limited resource environment. The improved learning outcomes and enhanced monitoring system has revolutionzed traditional learning methodlogies. Our mission to uplift education quality through digital solutions tailored for education system.

Train a Facilitator Program

One of the most challenging aspects of reaching the communities with no education at all is preparing the community to accept the model. TAKMIL model is unique, technology oriented, and based on non-traditional teaching with implementation of innovative pedagogical techniques. In order to make the model work, our first priority is to technically and mentally train a community member who plays the role of a facilitator.

Currently TAKMIl has 29 paid facilitators serving in their communities all over the country. A facilitator knows his/her community, owns the culture and therefore is the major resource in making the model a success.

Our “Train a Facilitator Program” is designed to transform the personality of a community member and make him/her a change maker in the community. This program takes the facilitators on a journey where they see the  bigger picture of the problem being addressed. They realize their role as an inspiration for the future of the kids they deal with. It’s all about passion and determination but given the appropriate exposure and defining their role in this mission is the key contributor in making this vision a reality

Curriculum Implementation Training

Our hybrid and accelerated curriculum is designed to address the needs of out of school children (OOSC). However, the curriculum understanding and implementation requires basic training along with techniques of making it work on the ground. Our training and development team is dedicated to provide core training through extensive online and onsite programs. The program covers the whole concept of model implementation, technical training and pedagogical training as well. 

We have three main segmentation of training:    

  1. Training on Accelerated and Hybrid Curriculum
  2. Training on Digital Assessment and System
  3. Training on techniques of facilitation in a community based school.

Microsoft Innovative Educator (MIE) Program

We believe in professional development of our facilitators and helping them develop skills and motivation to compete in the 21st century. In Jan, 2019 we invited Mr. Raja Waqas Shafique a Microsoft Certified Trainer and Educator in our training workshop for our facilitators. The session motivated and encouraged facilitators to learn about the Microsoft educational community at the global level. 

In July, 2019 a complete MIE Training was organized and 18 facilitators were given an extensive training on Microsoft tools and MIE program by Mr.Waqas. At the moment, 18 TAKMIL facilitators have acquired MIE certification and are actively involved in the programs offered on the Microsoft community of educators.

Kolibri Hardware Grant Program (KHGP)

KHGP is a hardware supported funding program initiated by Learning Equality. TAKMIL is the pioneer organization to bring this program in Pakistan and deploy it in communities with no prior setting for learning. 

TAKMIL shares the vision of reaching learners in connectivity scarce environment with Learning Equality. TAKMIL is one of the recipients of KHGP and under this program successfully deployed the system in seemingly unreachable regions. Under KHGP, around seven schools of TAKMIL have been provided with the required hardware to deploy and functionalize Kolibri Educational resource. 

Under this program, Kolibri now flies in Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA) where our trained coaches are helping kids learn in their own communities.

Moreover, the program has reached the girls in Peshawar where cultural bounds and social beliefs have restricted a few from getting an education in formal system.

Kolibri flies in four provinces of  Pakistan in regions including Khaniwal, Sadiqabad, Khuzdar, Mirpurkhas, Jamrud, and KPK.