Providing Reality of Learning- Activity Based Learning (ABL); A radical approach to boost Children Learning

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Imagine a case of learning tough and hard to understand concept of “Fractions” in mathematics. It would have been much convenient if you could hand pick the fraction “2/12” from a piece of colored circle. Activity Based Learning (ABL) gives an opportunity to children to develop concept understanding through self-learning, interaction with teachers, and practical life applications.

“A child is able to learn in a friendly environment through helpful aids through a self-paced pedagogy according to his/her aptitude & skill.”

ABL model of education is significantly helpful for teachers to provide a real experience of learning, utilize the resources available, and promote self-confidence, team work, and friendly environment for students.

Fateh Khan is a teacher who is changing life of his community kids through ABL approach. These kids belong to small remote village where education was an unfamiliar concept. This is a village where only two teachers have smart phones for communication. This is a community where learning started only one year ago!

Fateh and Mehboob involves their students in participatory activities to develop concept understanding. They are not using any costly resources but making use of what they have in their surroundings! The idea is to help these kids who had no prior experience of reading or writing and provide a reality based experience of learning.

Fateh Khan with his students in community school of TAKMIL, learning about oceans & continents.

The interest of students in learning about concept of ocean and continents helps them visualize the lesson in reality. This one bowl of water with colored notes can trigger the imagination of earth!

Ever wondered how it feels to be a doctor or nurse!! Maria from TAKMIL School learned her lesson about professions through reality based learning. She is quite determined to make this experience a reality of her life!

Let the kids learn about time through setting the wall clock! Mehboob taught his students about concept of clock & time through “Setting the Time” activity. Each student was given a chance to set the clock at a particular time. In just a 20 minutes activity, Mehboob accomplished the goals of his lesson!

These kids from Mirpurkhas, Sindh have developed the literacy of Grade 1-5 in one Year! These kids who have never been to school, never knew about formal education, and don’t even have a formal environment for education. But Learning can happen in these communities with all the challenges and barriers being transformed into an opportunity! This is one of many success stories of these kids who are part of TAKMIL family! There are millions of kids waiting for the one chance at learning!

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