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They say that everybody comes with a purpose in life, it takes time for them to actually find that true purpose. If you ask me about mine, I am lucky enough to find mine!

I am Saima Majeed and was born in a small town of Sahiwal. I am a teacher in a TAKMIL school named Shaheed Zargham Abbas School. I have done my Masters in English and am further going for an M. Phil in English Insha Allah. I was in tenth grade when my father passed away. After his sudden death, I and my family were faced with a lot of difficulties. Life got way tougher than before. But I never lost hope and struggled for my future. I started working hard at school. My mother was especially very supportive of my education. She didn’t even have enough to provide for home yet she tried her best to help by sewing clothes. She refused to compromise my school education at any cost. I was aware of that and so I tried for scholarships in my school and got them since I was good in studies.

When I got admission in the college, I got married. Luckily, my better half was fond of my struggle for education and helped me in any way possible. I shifted to Khanewal to be with my husband. Along my way, I saw children making bricks under the scorching sun. I used to get heart wrenched each time I saw them. I wanted to do something for them. I even used to discuss this with my husband. Maybe it was a calling from the upstairs that all my prayers were heard. It was so that I was informed about TAKMIL and I sent my resume to them.

TAKMIL selected, trained and polished me to change the fate of the children I cared for. When I visited their homes, I found that they were living hand to mouth. I couldn’t just ask them to stop their labor work because then they would literally starve to death. When I asked their parents about the education of these children, I was stunned to know that they didn’t even have a concept of education. They thought it was a luxury and not a necessity. The only thing these children would do is to make bricks day and night. TAKMIL was made for children like these.

TAKMIL involved me in this cause to build a better tomorrow for these children. It has been a wonderful year and I am proud to be a part of it. I believe that if I was chosen to do something in this world, that’s my true purpose.


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