Since 2017, we have established 73 non-formal community schools in the far-flung rural areas of Pakistan with no access to school.

We have ensured that no such factor should come in the way of providing quality education to these young souls. Our schools are provided with a customized accelerated curriculum, a delivery system for video lessons, and a learning management system tailored to guide our community schools on performance and evaluation.

Total Schools: 73

Punjab: 17

Balochistan: 17

KPK: 12

Sindh: 10

Gilgit Baltistan: 8

Our Geographical Footprint

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Shaheed Uzair Ali School

Shaheed Aslam School

Shaheed Hamayun Iqbal TAKMIL-Akhuwat Non-Formal School

Shaheed Azan Ali TAKMIL-Akhuwat Non-Formal School

Shaheed Sher Nawaz TAKMIL-Akhuwat Non-Formal School

Shaheed Baqir Shah TAKMIL-Akhuwat Non-Formal Community School

Shaheed Hamid Ali TAKMIL-Akhuwat Non-Formal Community School

Shaheed Bilal Arshad School

Shaheed Gul Sher School