In 2023, we have 70 non-formal community schools with approximately 2000 enrollments in Pakistan’s far-flung rural areas with no school access.

All TAKMIL educational units are implemented within community-based premises, such as Bethak, Jirgah Space, Mosque, or a Facilitator’s Home.

The organization’s unique approach to education is based on non-formal learning, and therefore, traditional brick-and-mortar schools are not established.

Instead, each unit is equipped with a fundamental classroom setup to foster a conducive learning environment for enrolled students.

Our model is based on a customized accelerated curriculum, complimented with a delivery system for video lessons, and a learning management system tailored for multiage out-of-school children.

Federal: 1

Punjab: 18

Balochistan: 16

KPK: 10

Sindh: 11

Gilgit Baltistan: 14

Hakimuddin and Asma Munis TAKMIL School

Shaheed Omer Khan TAKMIL School

Shaheed Wasim TAKMIL School

Shaheed Sadiq Ullah TAKMIL School

Shaheed Muhammad Saeed TAKMIL School

Shaheed Usama Bin Tariq TAKMIL School

Rehmat-O-Noor Memorial TAKMIL School

Shaheed Tanveer Hussain School

Zuha Rafiq TAKMIL School

Zubaida Rafiq TAKMIL School

Shaheeda Tahira Qazi School(Female)- B

Shaheeda Tahira Qazi School(Female)- A

Shaheed Zargham Abbas School-B

Shaheed Zargham Abbas School-A

Shaheed Yasirullah School

Shaheed Wasif Ali Khattak School

Shaheed Wahab ud Din School

Shaheed Umar Hayat School-B

Shaheed Umar Hayat School-A

Shaheed Mobeen Shah School

Shaheed Mahar Rizwan TAKMIL School

Shaheed Khushnood Zeb School

Shaheed Imran Ali School

Shaheed Hasnain Sharif School

Shaheed Haris Nawaz Schooll

Shaheed Hamza School

Shaheed Hammad Malik School

Shaheed Gulsher School

Shaheed Fahad Khan TAKMIL School

Shaheed Shahzeb School-B

Shaheed Shahzeb School-A

Shaheed Sardar Mazhar School

Shaheed Rizwan Sareer School

Shaheed Rafique TAKMIL School

Shaheed Nangyal Tariq School

Roshni TAKMIL School

Shaheed Muhammad Salman School

Shaheed Muhammad Ghasaan Khan School

Shaheed Muhammad Furqan Haider School

Shaheed Daud School

Shaheed Khaula Bibi School – B

Shaheed Khaula Bibi School – A

Shaheed Hamid Ali TAKMIL School – A

Shaheed Hamid Ali TAKMIL School – B

Shaheed Bilal Arshad School – B

Shaheed Bilal Arshad School – A

Shaheed Bashir Ali School

Shaheed Baqir Ali Shah School

Shaheed Awais Ahmed School

Shaheed Arham Khan School

Shaheed Ammar Iqbal School

Shaheed Al-Asad School-B

Shaheed Al-Asad School-A

Shaheed Aimal Khan School

Shaheed Adnan Hussain School-B

Shaheed Adnan Hussain School-A

Shaheed Adil Shahzad School

Shaheed Abdullah Ghani Awan School

Muhammad Aslam & Nasim Akhtar TAKMIL School

Mehar Shams Foundation & Maqsood Welfare Trust TAKMIL School

Leadership School (Male)-B

Leadership School (Male)-A

Leadership School (Female)

Khawaja Mukhtar Ahmad TAKMIL School

Khawaja Abdul Majid TAKMIL School


Fakhri & Mubarak Memorial TAKMIL School

Al-Fajar School-D

Al-Fajar School-C

Al-Fajar School-B