TAKMIL- A vision to fight Education crisis

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The statistical data of out-of-school kids of Pakistan suggests, we will soon face a chaotic situation in our society. The social crisis faced by our nation today will be ignited to a next level where we would be dealing with generations of illiterate Pakistanis unaware of their moral responsibilities and good citizenship. TAKMIL is a vision to reach every out-of-school children and give them the basic education required to survive in a society. We want to hand over the future of these kids in their hands by making them capable of understanding basics.

TAKMIL is a vision with solid strategy that can be efficiently implemented with smart utilization of resources. Starting from the team of founders who have designed a curriculum which is specially designed for an out-of-school child in order for him/her to grasp basic literacy of five grade kid. The designed curriculum is then handed over to teachers who work in TAKMIL education units in those underprivileged communities. Prior to starting the process of teaching, these teachers are trained specially for the tasks they have to fulfil. This training include the methodology of teaching which is based on books and ICT tools i.e. laptops, tablet etc. These trained teachers then initiate the TAKMIL units in their respective areas. Coordinator and virtual monitors are in regular contact with these schools in order to supervise the progress of the kids. There are many challenges faced in the process, as these kids are of all age groups from 5 to 15 and belong to week family background. Therefore, teachers cannot expect support of the families in this process of learning. However, task dedication is a spirit every TAKMIL team member endures and therefore, we are making an effort to make a progress.

Every kid has the right to learn and become a responsible member of society. TAKMIL is a vision to invest in future of our nation. Therefore, our vision is to eradicate these educational crisis from roots to make a long term and future promising impact.



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