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TAKMIL has developed a product with a mandate of fulfilling the needs of digital content delivery, class management, digital assessment, monitoring, and performance dashboard. The unique feature of this product is that it is data-driven and integrated with machine learning platform, that is capable of predicting student’s performance in the future. The data-driven approach specifically pinpoints the parameters which affect the student performance.  Therefore, a logical intervention can be implemented to improve the overall performance of students, teachers and the school. TAKMIL’s application is based on extensive research of EdTech products globally implemented for successful interventions and proven to enhance learning outcomes. A basic version of the product has been tested and validated in a resource limited environment for over 1000 learners in Pakistan; a beta version testing is being piloted on a larger scale. The product is designed such that it’s functionality is independent of internet availability, and is compatible with multiple platforms such as android (cellphone/tablet), windows (laptop/desktop), and linux (raspberry pi).

TAKMIL Application- Load Testing Project

We have developed a Beta Version of application, which is functional online to deliver content, assess students, manage classes and track student engagement.

We have launched “Load Testing” for the application and looking for volunteers to test the application features.

Currently, we have developed a Minimal Viable Product (MVP) and are going for load testing. For this purpose, we are in need of some passionate people who can help us in this testing by letting us know of the working of application functionalities. This step is crucial for us as it will guide us in improving the application and making it more effective for the users.

Volunteer Now to play your role in developing a product to overcome the challenges of education access and quality for out-of-school children in remote regions of Pakistan.