TAKMIL Prepares Underprivileged Children For Future Careers with STEM

TAKMIL Prepares Underprivileged Children For Future Careers with STEM

The aim of the TAKMIL foundation is not only to provide basic education to underprivileged students but also to enhance their skills, help them gain competencies and prepare them for future careers by designing the extensive strategies and developing advanced modules. For this purpose, TAKMIL has started implementing STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) model in their schools. We believe that STEM education puts an emphasis on preparing future generations to be successful in their careers. This model improves children’s valuable skill sets that allow them to be successful in their future.

TAKMIL’s STEM-based education helps children to learn more than science and mathematics concepts. The focus on hands-on learning with real-world applications helps develop a variety of skill sets, such as creativity and 21st-century skills.

Why TAKMIL Focuses on Providing STEM Education in Schools?

The goals and objectives TAKMIL’s STEM Education Program are

• Enhance students’ interests and engagement.

• Connect theory to practice.

• To emphasize activity-based learning and give hands-on experience to them.

We believe students learn better while they perform practical activity instead of focusing on theory only.

A Successful Implementation of TAKMIL’s STEM Program in Schools:

With the collaboration of teachers, TAKMIL successfully implemented the STEM program in the schools. It has been observed that students are taking interest in the activities and enjoying learning. According to the teachers, TAKMIL students ask a lot of questions and share ideas while doing any kind of activity. Plus, it is also enhancing teachers’ pedagogical skills. You can see in the videos how students are taking interest while doing activities.

Our program provides students with the skills to think systemically. It also includes projects to help students develop their own models. You can see in the videos given below how students are taking interest in STEM activities:

Initially TAKMIL has launched the STEM education program in the following schools

  1. Shd Bilal School
  2. Shd Haris School
  3. Shd Adnan School
  4. Shd Al Asad School
  5. Shd Umer Hayat School

After successful implementation of STEM education program, TAKMIL is working to expend it in other schools as well.

How TAKMIL’s STEM Education can give benefits to their Students?

In order to prepare our students to become the innovators and inventors of tomorrow, TAKMIL team believe that by starting STEM education programs in their schools will give skills to the students that make them more employable and ready to meet demand of 21st-century. We want to see our students to compete all those students who are getting education in formal schools and make them capable to program robots, and more.

Our mission is to promote creativity in TAKMIL schools’ childern that’s why we want to help them to learn about their unique innovation skills and realize their potential.

TAKMIL’s STEM education doesn’t only help students to make successful in their future careers but it also focuses on logical thought processes and problem-solving allowing students to develop mental habits that will help them succeed in any field.

TAKMIL’s STEM classes include more team activities. Students work together to develop the interpersonal and collaboration skills which they will need later on.

Moreover, it helps students learn how to manage their time and break larger projects into smaller steps which will definitely help them throughout their lives, whether they are working on an office project or doing a home remodel.  A strong STEM foundation will set students up for success.

Communication skills play a vital role in all life skills. our STEM program promotes social skills among children like, discussing ideas and active listening which help them to develop good communication skills.

Our aim is to foster creativity and divergent thinking alongside fundamental disciplines. With a focus on practice and innovation, TAKMIL wants their students to learn from inquiry-based assignments and generate new ideas. . 

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