The journey of Shaping Pakistan through Education

The journey of Shaping Pakistan through Education

Pakistan is a developing economy, being challenged with numerous obstructions which resist the economic growth and national prosperity. Yet some challenges holds great significance considering the statistical data and forecast. Pakistan ranks as sixth most populated country in the world, with over 64 % youth of the total population as per UNDP Report Pakistan. Despite being a younger nation with energy and potential, we are struggling in making our way towards development.

 Presently, Pakistan ranks as a country with 2nd highest population of out of school children (OOOSC), which represents 22.8 million children between the age group of 5-16 years and 5 million children of the age group 5-9 years who have never been to school.

These numbers only represent the children who have never been to school, and additional problems like retention and quality education is another dilemma not addressed yet. These 5 million children belong to marginalized and vulnerable communities with minimal or no access to education at all. These communities lie in regions where government and private schools are not available, or the schools are merely an infrastructure without the teaching facilities. Additional factors include the poor quality of life which forces the children to become part of a lifelong cycle of child labor. These children could be seen working in hotels, workshops, selling newspapers, or begging at a traffic signal. These communities struggle on daily basis to arrange a meal for themselves. For them survival is the top priority let alone education which has become an unachievable dream!

TAKMIL- Teach a Kid Make Individual Life is an organization which started its journey in 2017 with the vision to teach every out of school child of Pakistan. Considering the multi-dynamic nature of the problem, a research based model is developed to address all the challenges using minimum resources, reasonable cost, shorter time and maximum effectiveness.

TAKMIL has developed a non-traditional disruptive educational model to provide free & quality primary education to the out-of-school children (OOSC) living in slums and remotes areas by harnessing mobile technology and freely available digital lessons. This unique model is thoughtfully designed with two fundamental hypothesis:

  • Children between the age group of 4-15 years have same learning curve and can be trained on a condensed basic literacy curriculum in one-year duration covering 1-5th grade
  • Information. Communication, and Technology (ICT) derived teaching methodologies boosts the learning outcomes of students as compared to traditional educational systems.

TAKMIL model is adaptable in diverse environmental settings, thereby overcoming the greatest barriers in slum & remote areas. TAKMIL E-lessons can be delivered in regions with no internet and no electricity through a mini-learning kit. This kit does not require brick and mortal schools or trained teachers, only a facilitator from the community who is trained to carry out day-to-day operations!

Since 2016, TAKMIL has taken care of 25 projects all over country which has served around 1500 OOSC. Currently, 18 projects are running countrywide in all provinces reaching underprivileged communities and educating around 1000 OOSC of the age group 4-15 years.  12 projects have successfully completed training of Grade 1-5 education and are now in transition towards Grade 6 curriculum.

All TAKMIL Schools are named in the memory of Shuhada -Army Public School, Peshawar Attack 2016.

TAKMIL- School NameRegionProvince
Shaheed Al-Mustafa Public SchoolKhaniwalPunjab
Shaheed Asad Primary SchoolMirpurkhasSindh
Shaheed Aslam SchoolHafizabadPunjab
Rana Child Welfare FoundationPeshawarKPK
Shaheed Abdul AzeemKhyber AgencyKPK
Shaheed Abdullah AfridiJamrudKPK
Shaheed Haris NawazPeshawarKPK
Shaheed Mobeen AfridiZhobBCH
Shaheed Zargham AbbasKhaniwalPunjab
Shaheed Shahzaib SchoolSadiqabadPunjab
Shaheed Hamza PublicKhuzdarBCH
Shaheed Aimal Khan SchoolQuettaBCH
Shaheed Ahmed SchoolJaffarabadBCH
Shaheed Adnan Hussain SchoolBajur AgencyKPK
Shaheed Umar Hayat SchoolMirpurkhasSindh
Shaheed Khaula Bibi SchoolKhanewalPunjab
Shaheed Zulqarnain SchoolMultanPunjab
Shaheed Hayatullah SchoolFATAKPK

The cost of our model to educate a child for one day is 28 PKR. You can teach a kid for one month in 834 PKR Only!

The vision of TAKMIL is to empower the deprived and marginalized communities with the power of education. Our mission is to scale up our model to reach 5 million out of school children (OSSC) who have never been to school in their life. We aim to shape the future of these children who are the important assets of our country, those at the bottom of our society capable of stirring a great change! It’s time we fight the present dilemma of national education crisis with a thoughtful mind to take our nation on a journey of shaping through education.

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