We offer free Education

Using Mobile Technology & Solar Power

Our cost is $0.5/day/kid

Takmil helps Communities Living in

Remote Areas

TAKMIL is approaching the communities and out of school children living in remote areas to bring education to their door steps. The use of solar power, digital contents and technology help these communities to move from remote areas to urban areas by getting education


No one should live in any slum and everybody has the right to get basic education. TAKMIL is pulling up hundreds of such folks from these slums via education so that they can become an integral part of our society.

Educating a Girl means educating a Nation

There are about 63 Million girls in the world who are out of school and do not get this basic right of education. TAKMIL along with other organizations is committed to provide quality education to every girl


TAKMIL is committed to provide quality education to all out of school children living in slums and remote areas using state of the art delivery system, Information and Communication Technology and digital contents. We are passionately, slowly but surely working on NO CHILD LEFT BEHIND slogan and painting the lives of invisible souls living in slums through education.

become volunteer

We need a wide variety of volunteers for short- and long-term positions, both in the countries where we work and at home. Anyone can help – with fundraising, brainstorming, field projects, and many other aspects of the work of Become. We are a young organization and open-minded, so now is the time to join and make a big difference!

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