• Prof. Dr. Khalid Rana Latif
    Prof. Dr. Khalid Rana Latif Board Member

    Dr. Latif is a physician by profession and works at the University of Louisville. He is an educationist, research scientists, a mentor and social and educational activist. He has more than 20 years of research, teaching and medical practice experience and a board member of other non-profit organizations who is involved in bringing a positive change in the society through education, quality health, and social activism

  • Dr. Shahid Qamar
    Dr. Shahid Qamar Board Member

    Dr. Shahid Qamar is a research scientist, philanthropist, social and educational activist, social and business entrepreneur. Dr. Qamar holds a Ph.D. in Physics and has more than 25 years of teaching and research experience gained from top USA universities.  He is running multiple educational projects in Pakistan and the USA. He aims to educate every child in Pakistan who is helpless and begging on the streets for his survival.

  • Dr. Khurram Nazeer
    Dr. Khurram Nazeer Board Member

    Dr. Nazir is a trained nephrologist working in the USA for the last 20 years. He is actively involved in youth development projects and is a key member of TAKMIL. His vision is all about empowering the people through human development using state of the art educational tools. He is a physician by training and a researcher on different topics of his interests. His passion is to provide quality education to each and every kid living in this world.

  • Dr. Waqar Saleem
    Dr. Waqar Saleem Board Member

    Dr. Saleem is trained in family medicine and working with TAKMIL from day one. He has a great passion for education and community development. He also sits in other multiple boards and give his expert opinion on education, science and medicine.

  • Prof. Dr. Nudrat Aamir
    Prof. Dr. Nudrat Aamir Senior Program Manager

    Dr. Nudrat is one of our dedicated core team member who joined TAKMIL in April 2017. She received her Ph.D. in Mathematics from University of Essex and joined the facuty at Shaheed Benazir Bhutto Women University Peshawar.

    Dr. Nudrat is a selfless volunteer who has passion for education and involved in multiple social activities. She has many years experience of research and teaching at University level and is a great asset to TAKMIL.

  • Mrs. Tahira Abbas
    Mrs. Tahira Abbas Senior Program Manager

    Mrs. Tahira joined TAKMIL in January 2017 as curriculum program manager. She has more than 20 years of teaching and managment experience at public and private school level. Her passion for education is reflected by her constant commitment and dedication for TAKMIL project. Her vast experience in education is an asset for TAKMIL project designed to provide quality education to out of school children living in slums and remote areas of Pakistan.

  • Seemab Masood
    Seemab Masood Program Manager North America

    Seemab Masood is TAKMIL program Manager in North America. She got Master in human resources from University of London then joined an international design company in New York. She is one of the great volunteer team member.

  • Momin Abbas
    Momin Abbas Social Media Team

    I am Momin Abbas. I would best describe myself as a virtuoso. The time I started practicing music, I took it as a challenge to overcome the fear of being socially inactive. Today, I use it to help people who are close to me shape their lives and tackle their problems through the short sessions we occasionally have. As an engineering student, I’m very passionate about research on the concepts that amalgamate the ideas of artificial intelligence and internet of things. I’m currently working on a rescue Robot (a blimp) under the supervision of the best professors of my country. As far as community service is concerned, I occasionally teach orphans at SOS Children’s Village and frequently raise funds through campaigns to accommodate their needs. My passion to serve the community is the reason behind joining this project. Hoping to give the best of myself to serve this noble cause.

  • Abdul Majeed Tanwari
    Abdul Majeed Tanwari Students Assessment Director, Sind Province

    Prof. Tanwai teachers Physics at DJ Science College, Karachi. He obtained his MS (Physics) from Dow University of Health and Science and since then he is involved in multiple teaching and community service projects. Mr. Tanwari conducts students assessments on regular basis enrolled in TAKMIL schools in Sindh province. He has a vast experience of teaching, student evaluations and assessments and is a great volunteer member of TAKMIL

  • Mrs. Aliya Ehtisham
    Mrs. Aliya Ehtisham Curriculum Developer

    Teaching – the greatest among all professions, has always been my passion. I started off young when I was 19 years old by giving home tuitions to my cousins. Gradually it became popular in my surroundings and I started teaching other kids too. After completion of my education, I joined an institution as IB – PYP Teacher for subject of English. Later, I joined another institution as Science Teacher for Middle section. Luckily, I got an opportunity to work in a multi-national company and I opted for that to have diversified experience but soon realized that it was not my field so I joined back Education Sector – this time with a much broader role of being an Academic Coordinator.

    Currently I am working as an Academic’s Coordinator in Bloomfield Hall School. Along with that I got an opportunity to work for a greater cause – Takmil. I am blessed to be a part of this noble project and I am working as Assistant Coordinator for all Takmil Schools in Pakistan. My job is to bridge between management & teachers by communicating with all the teachers on daily basis and collecting feedback from them.

  • Ms. Ifrah Javed
    Ms. Ifrah Javed Curriculum Developer

    Ms. Ifrah Javed is a vital member of TAKMIL since August 2017. During her studies based on computer sciences, she got linked with the children of age 3-10 and spent 5 years in shaping their minds by performing her duties as class teacher. After completing her Master degree in Computer Sciences, she devoted her time, efforts and all interest in character building as well as edification of children. She is working as a controller in a well reputed educational institute of Pakistan.

    Ms. Ifrah played a significant role in TAKMIL by constructing a comprehensive curriculum, particularly for the less privileged children of remote areas of Pakistan. Ifrah’s model of curriculum for TAKMIL covers 4 major subjects and includes monthly breakup, detailed weekly plan, activity based lesson plans linked with videos, books for classroom + home work assignments and monthly assessments. The whole course has been designed and written by her by keeping in mind the advancement in education field as well as prior educational needs of the children of age 5-10. She also performed her duties as a Teacher Trainer by conducting a 5 day training workshops to train the teachers of TAKMIL.

  • Melissa Sassi
    Melissa Sassi Board Member

    Melissa Sassi is member of the TAKMIL board. She is currently working with IBM and has previously worked with Microsoft as Senior Project Manager with a vast experience with different organization. She has worked extensively with TAKMIL team to develop a Power BI Analytic dashboard. She is currently offering her assistance in various domains, such as Research & Development, Data Analysis, Funding and Collaborations. Her educational background is vast and currently she is pursuing PhD in International Business from Northcentral University.

  • Amir Zahoor
    Amir Zahoor Board Member & Technical Team Head

    Amir Zahoor is Assistant Professor at FAST National University. He has also worked with IEEE computer society and has expertise in various domains. He is member of TAKMIL board and head of TAKMIL technical team. He is developer of TAKMIL digital learning model and has led his team to develop TAKMIL’s custom digital assessment application. Currently, he is working on optimization of digital learning model in TAKMIL schools located in remote and slum areas.

  • Zainab Khan
    Zainab Khan Program Manager

    I started my journey with TAKMIL in 2018 as a volunteer. This past year has given me an opportunity to work very closely with facilitators in TAKMIL schools and children enrolled. My scientific background has enabled me develop a data analysis system to closely monitor the performance of enrolled OSSC. Currently, I am working on data analytics, development of digital learning model, research & development, and project management. I feel fortunate to be part of TAKMIL family and work for a cause which aims to change the future by making difference in the present. I have done my M.Phil in Biochemistry & Molecular Biology from Quaid I Azam University. I was one of the nominated young researcher to represent Pakistan in Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting, 2017 Germany.

  • Kiran Khan
    Kiran Khan Assistant Program Manager

    Kiran Khan joined TAKMIL Family in December, 2018 as Assistant Program Manager. She got her MPhil in Economics from Pakistan’s prestigious Quaid-e-Azam University. Kiran was among the top 50 European Union’s Young Parliamentary Associates in 2017, a program implemented by the British Council. She is also an economic researcher for Wikistrat, a global network of 5,000 people to help decision makers identify solutions to complex strategic challenges. According to Kiran, the mission of providing quality education to out of school children living in slums and remote areas of Pakistan gives her immense satisfaction.

  • Haider Ali
    Haider Ali Technical Team

    I am a software developer by profession.I am a graduate of FAST university and I am developing the system for TAKMIL for digital assessments and analysis to help this vision come to life and I am very honored to be the member of this highly motivated team and playing my part for the kids and our country. 
    The idea behind this vision is massive and for me it is a great opportunity to make this huge impact, just like the wave of everlasting improvement in thousands of lives.

  • Hizra Omer
    Hizra Omer Technical Team

    I got graduated from FAST NUCES with a computer sciences degree. I was working on some projects when this opportunity arrived. I am dignified to be the part of this great team. Working for the such a beautiful cause at this level in my own field is just incredible. I never thought that I would do something this big at this age. I am developing the mobile application for kids that will help them learn and perform their tests

  • Shafia Rafique
    Shafia Rafique ADVISORY BOARD

    An Educationist, CEO/ Principal “Little Fellow Day-care & Elementary School. Teacher’s Trainer, “ECCE” Practitioner and Trainer, Educational Consultant, Childcare Coach, Speaker, Keynote Speaker, Kids lover, creating a difference in childcare industry, Positivity is the attitude. She has offered her support in TAKMIL teachers training and sharing her expertise in teaching methodology of young kids.

  • Rana Waseem
    Rana Waseem Volunteer

    Rana Waseem is an entrepreneur. He did not get any formal degree in computer sciences but has an excellent command over website development, Search Engine Optimization, and business development. He is very affectionate of traveling, cooking, and making new friends. He had also worked for the education in Pakistan, developed TAKMIL website and also serving with EAST education, Literate Pakistan Foundation, and ELE.

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