We Focus to

teach basic educational material within a short period of time


We will provide instructional modules designed for high-needs out of school children (OSC) living in slums and remote areas of Pakistan, to teach basic educational material within a short period of time. We create accelerated educational modules composed of prerecorded video lectures, a laptop, a solar panel, and a projector with screen. The foundation of the instructional modules utilizes web resources and educational technology designed to support e-learning. In lieu of books, the students can learn basic skills using internet and communication technology (ICT). To maintain a sense of community, we will approach local members of the remote area with our pre-designed technology based educational package. “Mr./Ms. Smith” will be our facilitator to help identify OSC living in their locality. He/she will also be trained to implement our educational model. We will also have external volunteers who will pledge 2 hours a week to be our virtual monitors and communicate with their assigned units. We serve our students in the evening time to avoid any time conflict in case they work in the mornings to make their ends meet.


25 M out of school kids living in slums and remote areas of Pakistan cannot be provided literacy using traditional way of teaching for multiple reasons. The main two reasons are their different ages (5 – 15) and lack of schools. Our designed model fill both gaps. We use accelerated curriculum designed for same children who already missed the school bus are vulnerable. We use e-learning methods coupled with pre designed curriculum to equip these kids with basic literacy.


We developed a hybrid model to educate a small group of out of school kids living in remote areas. We start off with books so that students can recognize basic alphabets. Then students move to e-learning and till they start reading, writing and can perform basic math skills.


We developed a robust, effective and doable model that generates results in few weeks. Our goals are to push these out of school kids in the forward direction so that they can cross the illiteracy barrier in few months and then can join the regular schools or can learn more advance techniques to make a reasonable living. This model is sustainable because it is low cost, short term, and serve the communities who would never get the literacy, otherwise.

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