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Teach a Kid Make Individual Life (TAKMIL) is a non-profit organization which aims to fight the educational crisis through a unique approach to reach and teach out of school children (OOSC). TAKMIL is founded by individuals that have a lot of educational and research experiences, who aim to bring a positive change in the society by providing education.



“Our journey started in Jan, 2017, with the pilot community school in Mardan, Khyber PakhtunKhwa. Around 45 out of school children (OOSC) from the community were involved by the community member who played the role of facilitator. These children of diverse age groups had never been to school in their life. The facilitator was provided with projector, laptop, and access to educational videos for developing basic literacy. The children were evaluated on selected literacy skills regularly, and they children were able to develop basic skills of reading and writing in 90 days only! Since then, TAKMIL has reached around 1500 Out of school children (OOSC) in all the four provinces of Pakistan. They are provided with customized accelerated curriculum, a delivery system for video lessons, and a learning management system tailored to guide these community schools on performance and evaluation.


16 Dec, 2014 is a black day in the history of Pakistan, when 141 innocent and young school children were martyred in a tragic attack in Peshawar Army Public School. That day 141 futures, 141 dreams, and 141 ambitions were killed with brutality. TAKMIL dedicates the names of every community school it builds to the martyrs of APS attack. Every community owns keeps one name of APS attack alive, through educating many young and innocent children. We aim to dedicate first 141 schools of TAKMIL to the martyrs of APS Attack. Keeping the names alive in places where the future of many children is built through education.