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Who We are

TAKMIL is a non-profit organization formed by few individuals who have vast educational and research experience. We aim to bring a positive change in our society thorugh education. We pick our under developed communities and provide them quality education using latest technology so that they can become an asset of our society.

What We Do

We are a team of social activists who have gathered around under one umbrella with a mission to educate every child to make his better future. Our team of experts is doing their best research to know the areas that lack education and literacy rate in different places. Keeping in mind that those children need a good education but not each one of them can go to school, therefore, we have introduced online distance learning program We are trying to educate those children by providing them tablets, laptops and other technological ways from which they can learn more.

How We Do

It is every child’s birthright to get a quality education. We make them realize their importance and contribution towards the society when they are given education.

With the help of our other donors, we are moving ahead with them to give education to those poor children who have the spark to do something good but they lack resources. We collaborate with our local partners, individuals, non-profit organizations, and anyone who wants to give back to his own people by sending those kids to schools who are roaming around in their back yards.

we achieved

all this happened with your support

25 Schools
1500 students
29 Teachers
13 Cities


Every child living in a slum or remote area should be equipped with quality education


Our mission is to serve out of school children who could not attend regular schools, prepare them for work, active citizenship, and post-secondary education, using digital technology.


Our goals are to reach every out of school child and bring education to a student door steps so that he can become an asset of our society

Our Great Team

All team members of Takmil serve on a volunteer basis. It is their dedication, time and professionalism that make Takmil’s work possible. Every contribution – direct or indirect – is highly valued.

  • Prof. Dr. Khalid Rana Latif
    Prof. Dr. Khalid Rana Latif Board Member
  • Dr. Shahid Qamar
    Dr. Shahid Qamar Board Member
  • Dr. Khurram Nazeer
    Dr. Khurram Nazeer Board Member
  • Dr. Waqar Saleem
    Dr. Waqar Saleem Board Member

The Gallery Of Life

A glimpse of Takmil’s contribution for CREATING A BRIGHTER FUTURE

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You can help a child access to school education and get a greater chance of breaking through the generational cycle of poverty!

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